Sleeping with false eyelashes on can be bad for your natural lashes.

Can You Sleep With False Eyelashes On?

The short answer is - yes you can sleep with false eyelashes on. However, it is not advisable to do so as you can irritate the area around your eyes. 

What Will Happen if You Sleep With False Eyelashes On? 

Just like sleeping with your makeup on, sometimes it is easy to forget to take them off after a long day. It is not the end of the world if you choose to sleep with your false eyelashes on, but some issues can occur if you do.  

If you sleep with false lashes on, you might experience:

  • Natural Lash Damage
  • Infections

  • Damage To The False Lash 

 Natural Lash Damage

When you are sleeping or rolling over in the night you will be pulling ever so slightly on your natural eyelashes as the false eyelashes fight to stay on. 

With each pull, the health of your natural lashes will decline. If you do this often, it will affect your natural lashes by pulling out individual lashes, which you may regret when you are not wearing false lashes. 


Eyelashes are designed to protect your eyes from dust and sweat. But as the damaged lashes will no longer protect your eye, you are putting yourself at a higher risk of infection.

Bacteria is a tricky thing when it comes to false eyelashes. Since the glue and adhesion you are using to connect your lashes, bacteria love it.

We all know how annoying eye infections can be. This can potentially happen- nothing like glamming up only to wake up with a crusty eye or a fungal infection.

Damage To The False Lash

Not only this but if you sleep on a false eyelash wrong, they are not going to look fresh. When you are sleeping, the lash may fall off and as a result, it may start to bend out of its original shape.

What If I Use A Better Adhesive?

Using different glues can help with replenishing the strength and health of your natural lashes. The DUO Lash Glue is a great adhesive that provides vitamins to aid your natural lashes when you are wearing them, as it replenishes and strengthens the lashes underneath. 

Using less glue will allow the false eyelashes to be removed quicker, protecting the health of your natural eyelashes.

 However, it is still not advisable to sleep with your false eyelashes on for long periods for the above reasons. 

Even with the use of a better adhesive, they still will not look the freshest when you wake up. False eyelashes are usually meant to stay on your eyelash line for 12 hours

How Do I Remember to Take My Eyelashes Off?

Remembering to remove your lashes can be a hard task. However, this is made easier with visual and verbal reminders. Here are some easy ways to remember to remove them. 


If you already have a night time skincare routine, add removing your false eyelashes to the list. Maybe wearing false eyelashes is a treat for you and not a common practice, so remember to add it in when you are there.


Get your friends to remind you to remove your eyelashes. Sometimes a gentle reminder is the best way to remember something. 

Longer Lashes:

Wear longer eyelashes on a night out and with every blink, you will be reminded to remove them. If you need physical reminders, this may act as a good prompt.

Money Saving:

Think of the money! You can reuse eyelashes, but if you have bent them, lost them or if they are falling off, you are wasting money. The price per use is going to skyrocket if you do not properly keep and maintain your false eyelashes. These issues will be enhanced if you sleep with them still attached. 

Longer eyelashes can help to remind you take off your eyelashes before you go to sleep.



Although it may be hard to remember to remove your false eyelashes at the end of the day, it is important to not make it a habit. 

You can get infections and can even ruin the condition of your false eyelashes. 

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