How Long Do False Eyelashes Stay On For?

How Long Do False Eyelashes Stay On For?

False lashes can stay on for up to twelve hours per application, as long as they are applied correctly. If they are well looked after and regularly cleaned, they can also be removed and reused up to 15 times per pair. That means two sets of lashes could essentially last you all month! 

How To Keep Your Lashes On For Longer

As mentioned above, there are a number of things you can do to keep your lashes on for longer:

Keep your eyelash glue as light as possible

Eyelash glue is an essential part of keeping false eyelashes attached to your eyelids, but in this instance, less is more. This is because the more adhesive you use, the harder it is to remove your false eyelashes once you’re finished wearing them. If they’re difficult to get off, you might end up damaging them, meaning the next wear might not last as long. 

The best way to limit adhesive build-up and damage is simple - only use what you need, not an overly large amount.

You also want to make sure that you’re using a high quality adhesive. DUO Strip Lash Adhesive is the best bet, available in clear and dark tones, as well as latex-free options for those with sensitivities, and quick-drying options for those with minimal time to get ready!

How Long Do False Eyelashes Stay On For?

 This blog can help you choose the best DUO adhesive for you


Use tweezers or lash applicators to apply your false eyelashes

If you can, avoid applying false eyelashes with your fingers, as this can lead to some of the lashes falling out of the strip, and you’ll have to replace the lashes.

Instead, try applying your false eyelashes using lash applicators or tweezers. Grip them right in the middle, then gently apply them to your eyelids. Once they’re on, carefully press down with your fingers on the edges of each false eyelash to bond it to your eyelid.

How Long Do False Eyelashes Stay On For?

Our stainless steel Eyelash Applicators are the perfect tool to help apply your lashes. 

Clean your false eyelashes after every use

Regularly cleaning your false eyelashes (ideally after every use) will keep them clean from bacteria, general dirt build up and will help maintain their general condition.

Firstly, soak a cotton swab in an oil-based makeup remover (like this one), and run the bud along the lash line to remove the glue. Once the glue residue has been removed from your lashes, it’s time to give them a good clean. 

Place your false eyelashes on a paper towel, then saturate a cotton pad with your oil-based makeup remover cleanser and gently wipe the base of your lashes. This will remove leftover mascara, oils and dirt for a thorough cleansing. For more information on how to thoroughly clean your false lashes, take a look at this blog

After cleaning your lashes, we also recommend brushing them with a spoolie brush to help to keep your lashes separated and fluffy! 

Avoid using mascara on top of your lashes 

Just like lash adhesive, heavy mascara can build up on your false eyelashes over time, making them overly thick and damaging the shape and quality of your lashes. 

Even if you clean them after each use, the more intense clean up process will add additional wear to the lash hairs. 

Can You Leave False Lashes On Overnight?

Although it’s very tempting to go straight to bed without touching the makeup remover, sleeping in your false eyelashes is never a good idea. This is because you might risk damaging your natural eyelashes or worse, losing them. There is also the risk of eye infections, a build-up of dirt and germs in the false eyelash set, and damage to the lash set itself because they can get squished and ripped. 

How To Store False Eyelashes 

The best place to leave false eyelashes overnight is in a safe storage box, for example their original packaging. Storing them in their original packaging will not only keep them safe but will also help to maintain their natural curved shape. You can also purchase special false eyelash boxes to keep several pairs of lashes together and protected, like this one from Eylure

We also recommend taking your eyelash case in your bag when going out in case you need or want to remove lashes while you’re out (e.g. on a night out or at a sleepover). Chucking your lashes into your bag with no protection will most likely result in them getting damaged or lost.

For more top tips, check out our blog page or browse our full range of luxury cruelty-free lashes, ranging from naturally long to bold glam, and everything in between!  

Eni Lashes is a luxury vegan false eyelashes and makeup brand with a focus on enhancing eyelashes and empowering people. We sell only cruelty-free and vegan products — because you don't have to be cruel to be kind. Check out our other blog posts and our FAQ page for more lash tips. 

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