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Eni Lashes

Motivation False Eyelashes

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Our ultra-soft vegan strip lashes are made from cruelty-free, synthetic fibres to give you a comfortable lash wearing experience. Diligently created to give you the durable eyelashes that you deserve. 

Enhance your eyelashes the way your eyes deserve.

  • Silky faux mink fibres
  • Comfortable cotton band
  • Cruelty-free

    Here at Eni Lashes, we believe that a motivated person can achieve anything. What better way to show that than with our motivation false eyelashes?! Motivation is full, light and long feathery eyelash style with a gentle curve. This sultry style is perfect for any daytime look or paired with glitter or eyeshadow to dance the night away. Our Motivation false eyelashes are loved by beauty content creators! 


    Length (shortest to longest): 11mm to 16mm

    Eni Lashes can be safely worn over 15 times. 

    Eyelash adhesive sold separately.