what false eyelashes should i get

What False Eyelashes Should I Get?

There are a few things to consider when choosing the perfect false eyelashes for you, such as your eye shape, the occasion and your desired lash effect. Just like choosing a dress to match your body shape, different false eyelash styles can immediately enhance your natural eyes and level up your look.

With so many options available, knowing what false eyelashes to get can be pretty overwhelming. But not to worry, here's our guide to finding the right pair of falsies to flatter your eye shape and suit the occasion, whether that be falsies for a natural look, day-to-day wear or a super glam appearance. 


False Eyelashes For A Natural Look

If you’re looking for a subtle, natural lash enhancement, you will want to opt for shorter, natural style lashes, such as our Success, Brave, and Passionate style’s. 

The ultra-soft silky faux mink fibres that we use here at Eni Lashes are even finer than silk ones, creating an even more natural, soft look.

Success False Eyelashes

These short full false eyelashes are almost undetectable. They will give your natural eyelashes depth, fullness and subtle length without giving the appearance of falsies. Lash length 5mm to 10mm. 

what false lashes should i wear

Brave False Eyelashes

Our Brave super natural false eyelashes will fool everyone into thinking they’re homegrown, but we won’t tell anyone! These delicate falsies will give a weightless natural lift to your eyes making you appear more awake. Lash length 5mm to 10mm. 

what fake lashes should i wear

Passionate False Eyelashes 

If you’re looking for delicate, weightless and wispy looking false lashes, our passionate lashes are the one for you. This style is perfect for people wanting to transition into longer and fuller lashes but nervous to take the plunge. Lash length 5mm to 11mm.

what fake eyelashes should i wear

All lashes in our natural collection are perfect for those with smaller or hooded eyes, glasses wearers, eyelash beginners and those that just want to give a tiny bit extra with their makeup and natural looks. All lashes in this natural collection also feature a clear lash band which blends perfectly to any skin tone.  

False Eyelashes For A Dramatic Appearance

For versatile lashes that can be worn for any occasion, our Long Eyelashes are a great choice. Whether you’re popping out for brunch with the girls or looking to enhance your glam look, our Flourish or Motivation eyelashes might just be the perfect styles for you. 

Flourish False Eyelashes 

Our Flourish Eyelashes are perfect for daytime use, both with and without makeup, for a sultry look. The soft feathery lash fibres will give you a gentle appearance and the length will have you feeling dainty AF. Perfect lashes to wear to brunch, or with a bit of eyeshadow to dance the night away. Lash length 11mm to 15mm. 

what falsies should i wear

Motivation False Eyelashes

Our sultry ‘Motivation’ style is full, light and feathery with a gentle curve. The perfect style for any daytime look or paired with eyeshadow to complete your night out look. Our Motivation false eyelashes are loved by beauty content creators! 11mm to 16mm.

what false eyelashes should i get

All lashes in our Long False Lashes collection are longer than 13mm and a great option for those with naturally long lashes, or those with deep set eyes. 


False Eyelashes For A Fox-Eye-Effect

One of the most popular and attractive eyelash effect is the 'fox-eye-effect', and it's no secret why. This style gives your eyes the illusion of being lifted, fierce and extra sultry - giving your eyes a touch of glamour that many women love. If this is the vibe you want to achieve, we recommend our Humble, Unstoppable and Empowerment lashes. 

Humble False Eyelashes

Our Humble false eyelashes will give you the perfect eyelash enhancement. This light lash is a customer favourite as it gives the impression of medium fullness, which is perfect for no makeup days or to elevate your makeup looks. Lash length 3mm to 11mm.

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Unstoppable False Eyelashes

Our Unstoppable falsies are the perfect eyelash style for any natural or glam makeup look. This style is subtle enough to give a natural lift while giving you an unstoppable eyelash enhancement! Our Unstoppable false lashes are long, natural and loved by our customers for their versatility. Lash length 6mm to 12mm. 

what fake lashes should i get

Empowerment False Eyelashes

Empower yourself all day every day with our Empowerment soft false eyelashes. Our little twist on a natural lash makes your eyes look even more inviting. Lash length 4mm to 11mm. 

what false lashes should i get

False Eyelashes For A Glam Look 

Looking to make a statement? Our Bold eyelash collection will do just that. 

Boss False Eyelashes 

Our Boss cruelty-free mink lashes are bold, tapered and will have you slaying like the boss you are! Lash length 9mm to 16mm. 

false lashes for a glam look

Confident False Eyelashes 

These cruelty-free 3D mink lashes will have you slaying from all angles, giving you a layered lash look with a subtle curve. Show how confident you are every day with our light and full Confident false eyelashes. The perfect style to give you that bright, open-eyed look, captivating everyone with a glance.

bold false eyelashes


Our Bold False eyelashes are certain to make a statement and ideal for finishing off a full face of makeup for the glamour look you deserve! 


False Eyelashes For The Russian Effect 

Want to appear like you're wearing individual Russian eyelash extensions, but with strip lashes? We got you. Take a look at our Intelligent, Thrive and Brave styles. 

Intelligent False Eyelashes

Our intelligent false eyelashes are exactly what they say on the tin! They are lashes in disguise.. pretty intelligent, right? This subtle tapered style will enhance your natural eyelashes, without looking like you're wearing falsies at all! Lash length 5mm to 10mm.

what fake eyelashes should i wear

Thrive False Eyelashes

This faux mink eyelash feature longer hair fibres in the centre to give that bright wide-eyes look and will make you look like you're winning before you've even entered the race. Lash length 6mm to 10mm.

what false lashes should i wear

What Eyelash Adhesive Should I Use? 

Your lashes are the star of the show, yet whether you go for short, wispy or glam eyelashes, it's the lash adhesive working behind the scenes that keeps it all together.  

Without a good eyelash adhesive, your eyelashes simply won’t stay on. At Eni Lashes, we stock a variety of effective options that’ll not only keep your lashes in place but provide extra benefits as well. Whether you're looking for a quick-dry adhesive or clear brush on lash glue, we have the perfect one for you.

For more top tips, check out our blog page or browse our full range of luxury cruelty-free lashes, ranging from naturally long to bold glam, and everything in between!  

Eni Lashes is a luxury vegan false eyelashes and makeup brand with a focus on enhancing eyelashes and empowering people. We sell only cruelty-free and vegan products — because you don't have to be cruel to be kind. Check out our other blog posts and our FAQ page for more lash tips. 

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