Knowing your eye shape will help you to find the perfect false eyelash for you

What False Eyelashes Are Best for My Eye Shape?

False eyelashes will appear different on every eye shape. This guide will help you to pick the perfect false eyelashes for your eye shape- whether you have hooded lids, deep set eyes or close set eye, we will discuss it here. 

Hooded Eyes

A hooded eye is where you have excess skin from the brow bone folding down to the lash line. This means that when your eyes are open, most of the upper lid is hidden.

Enhancing your eyelashes with false lashes will therefore be used to create more depth. This will give the look of a wider eye look. This is enhanced if the false eyelashes are longer in the middle section.

Our top picks for hooded eyes would be:

Examples of hooded eyes: Brad Pitt, Jennifer Anniston, Blake Lively

Round Eyes

With a round eye, you are typically able to see the majority of the white around the iris. Additionally, your eyelid crease will always be visible. 

For round eyes, a more natural lash is recommended- fuller lashes at the outer corners will also give the appearance of a cat-eye look. This is a style that is adopted by Zoeey Deschanel, as this keeps the eye round. 

Heavier lashes will tend to make the eye look smaller.

Picking a false lash with a dramatic curl and longer will further emphasise the crease in the lid.

Our top picks for round eyes would be:

The Intelligent False Eyelashes are great for round eyes

The Intelligent False Eyelashes will give you the cat-eye look that is desired for round eyes.

Examples of round eyes: Ashley Olsen, Zoeey Deschanel


A monolid is where the skin from your upper eyelid covers the inner parts of your eyes. This is often seen with people of Asian descent. 

A lash that is longer and curl is advised here as those with monolids often have quite straight lashes. 

Our top picks for monolid eyes would be:

Examples of monolid eyes: Gong Yoo, Park So Dam, CL

Almond Eyes

An almond eye is where the outer corner is slightly raised with the lower eyelid sitting on the lower edge of the iris.

Many eyelashes are catered toward the almond shaped eye. Our suggestions would be that of an evenly distributed full lash look. 

Our top picks for almond eyes would be:

Examples of almond eyes: Zoe Saldana, Leighton Meester, Beyonce

Deep Set Eyes

A deep set eye is where your eye will look slighter larger and deeper set into the eye socket. This often makes the brow bone more prominent.

When looking for false eyelashes you should look for dramatic lashes that will add depth to the eye socket area. This can include fuller curled lashes. 

Our top picks for deep set eyes would be:

Examples of deep set eyes: Taylor Swift, Cameron Diaz

Wide Set Eyes

A wide set eye is where the eyes are distanced far away on your face. 

It is recommended that for wide set eyes that a longer and full lash will accentuate the natural beauty of your eyes. These will work to fill the space between your eyes. 

Our top picks for wide set eyes would be:

Examples of wide set eyes: Miranda Kerr, Michelle Pfiffer and Amanda Seyfried

Close Set Eyes

A close set eye is where you have a gap of less than one eyeball between your two eyes. 

For close set eyes you will want to find a lash that accentuates the outer corner of your eye. This will help to open out the space between your eyes.

Our top picks for close set eyes would be:

Examples of close set eyes: Miley Cyrus, Hilary Duff


When choosing the perfect set false eyelashes take into account the shape of your eyes. Try to find your eye shape through comparing your eyes to those suggested above. 

Pick the style that is comfortable for and that you love the most. False eyelashes are designed to emphasise the beauty of your eyes.

For more top tips, check out our blog page or browse our full range of luxury cruelty-free lashes, ranging from naturally long to bold glam, and everything in between!  

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