How to measure and trim false eyelashes

How To Measure And Trim False Eyelashes

Strip lashes are designed to fit a wide range of different eye shapes and sizes, which is why you may find that they're a little too long upon application.

Trimming your lashes down for a comfortable and accurate fit is key for a long-lasting hold and great results, and we’re here to help guide you!

This is how to measure and trim false eyelashes:

  1. Select the perfect eyelashes
  2. Hold the lash against your lash line
  3. Position the tip of the tweezers where you need to trim the excess band
  4. Trim the band where you made a mark with the tweezers

1. Select The Perfect Eyelashes

First things first, you need to select the perfect style for you. Think about your eye shape and size, and the desired lash effect you’re looking for.

If you need some guidance when choosing the right falsies, take a look at this blog

how to measure and trim fake eyelashes
At Eni Lashes, we have a wide selection of false eyelashes to suit every need. 

2. Hold The Lash Against Your Lash Line

Using tweezers or a lash applicator, hold the lash up against your lash line. In order to make sure the lash is the correct length for your eye size, place the false eyelash exactly where your natural eyelashes begin at the inner corner of your eye, and allow the excess length to hang over the outer corner of your eye.

3. Position The Tweezers Where You Need To Trim The Excess Band

At the point where your natural lashes end, or just a little bit over, is usually the best place to trim your falsies for the proper fit. Using your applicator, pinch the strip on the outer side at the spot where you’ll be trimming the false eyelashes.

how to measure and trim false eyelashes
Our stainless steel Eyelash Applicators are the perfect tool to help measure and mark your falsies. 

4. Trim The Band Where You Made A Mark With The Tweezers

Next, using a small pair of scissors, trim the lash where you made a mark with the tweezers. 

Once you have trimmed some of the lash, hold it up to your lash line again to measure it. If necessary, continue to trim until it is the perfect length. 

Now do the same with the second lash in the pair.

And there we have it! Now that you have trimmed your lashes to the perfect size, you are ready to apply your eyelashes. For guidance on how to do so, check out this helpful blog


Things To Remember When Measuring And Trimming Your False Eyelashes

  • Only cut from the outside lash edge. This is because the inner lash hairs are designed with smaller hairs and should always remain the same. This helps them blend better to your natural lash line.
  • Start with small amounts. It is always best to only trim small amounts at a time as it can be easy to misjudge and end up over-trimming, making the lash too short for your eyes and ruining the look completely. 
  • Cut in between the hair clusters to ensure you don’t damage any of the lash hairs that you want to keep on the strip. 

For more top tips, check out our blog page or head over to our FAQ’s page for any questions you may have about our products.

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