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Can You Get Fake Lashes Wet?

Yes, you can get your fake lashes wet- this is great news! However, your previous perfect smoky eye may look a bit worse for wear if you are washing your face or having a shower. It is best to remove your false lashes before doing these activities.

Even though they can get wet, they may not look exactly the same as they once did. They may fall off if they are not secured with waterproof glue, and may get bent.

However, they are not waterproof and so are not made to withstand large amounts of water. They are partially water resistant, and so can stay in place up to a certain amount of water. This is also the case for eyelash extensions.

Do Fake Lashes Come Off in Water?

Depending on the strength of your fake lash glue, your fake lashes shouldn’t come off in the water, unless you are fully submerged. Using a water resistant glue to hold your lashes in place may help to keep them in place. 

Learning to properly apply false lashes may help your fake lashes to stay on for longer if in contact with water. 

Heavy amounts of water can move the lashes around and can remove them, but it is not guaranteed, as they are not designed to be completely waterproof. 

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Can you Swim with False Eyelashes?

It is not recommended to swim with false eyelashes on, especially if your head will be fully or partially submerged. 

This is because the chemicals in pools may cause the fibres in the glue and in the lashes to break down. 

So if you go swimming with false eyelashes on, be mindful that you may lose them and may never find them at the bottom of the pool. 

Can You Shower with Fake Lashes?

Yes- you can shower with fake lashes. Just know that you may risk getting a build up of makeup stuck in the lashes- make sure to clean the lashes thoroughly if this is the case, to keep you looking fresh. 

Although you may think the shower will wash all of the junk in your lashes away, makeup is more likely to stick to the lashes and cause a build up.

This could lead to you getting eye infections if you do not clean them properly. You do not want to be getting eye infections because of a dirty false lash. Be mindful and maybe take the lashes off before you shower.

Treat your eyelashes like your hair, some reports have stated that you may need to dry them out in the same way you dry your hair. This will help you to be able to put more product back onto your lashes after getting them wet.


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How to Dry False Eyelashes

There are two ways to dry false eyelashes, one when they are already glued on and the other during the cleaning process. 

  1. Air Drying Your False Eyelashes

If you are cleaning your false lashes, you can air dry them. This is an easy approach but may take some time.

To make it a sanitary process, leave the false eyelashes on a paper towel overnight. 

  1. Using a Paper Towel

If your lashes are already glued on then using a paper towel is the approach for you. A paper towel can be substituted for a lint-less towel also.

Gently pat the lashes dry, ensuring they are clean.


You can get your fake eyelashes wet! However, as we have seen, they may not look the same, may get bent, or they may collect a build up of makeup. 

However, activities such as swimming may require you to remove your false eyelashes first. Be mindful of your daily activities before applying your false eyelashes and your lashes should stay on.

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