Can I Wear False Lashes With Contact Lenses?

Can I Wear False Lashes With Contact Lenses?

The simple answer is - yes, it’s totally safe to wear false lashes with contact lenses. However, if you have sensitive eyes or struggle to put your lenses in, we recommend that you insert them before applying your false lashes. This is because the false lashes may obstruct your view or get in the way of your fingers when trying to pop in your lenses, causing more stress and may irritate your eyes. 

If contacts aren’t your thing, not to worry worry - you’ll be pleased to know that you can still wear false lashes with glasses too! All you need to do is look for glasses-friendly lashes - i.e. lashes that aren’t super long or that feature an upward curl to prevent them from touching the glass of your glasses. We recommend opting for lashes maximum 11mm, such as our Thrive or Passionate sets.

The Best False Lashes For Glasses Wearers 

Thrive Lashes

With a length of only 6mm to 10mm, these luxury vegan eyelashes are perfect for glasses wearers. Featuring longer hair fibres in the centre, giving you that natural bright wide-eyed look without looking like you’re wearing false eyelashes at all.

Passionate Lashes

Our passionate lashes are delicate, weightless and wispy - perfect for people wanting to transition into longer and fuller lashes but nervous to take the plunge, and also ideal for those who wear glasses on a day-to-day basis. Lash length 5mm to 11mm.

You can view our full range of glasses-friendly false lashes on our website or view our list of the best natural false eyelashes here. 

Tips for Wearing Lashes With Contacts

If you only wear contact lenses, you have more freedom when it comes to choosing false lashes, and can pretty much select any style or length you want, just like those who don’t wear contacts. From long, bold and dense to a more natural wispy lash, the choices are endless!

The only thing you need to take into account when wearing contacts is the adhesive you use to apply the lashes. You want to make sure that the lash adhesive is hypoallergenic and that you don’t apply too much of it along the lash band, as this could come into contact with your lenses and cause uncomfortable irritation. 

What Ingredients Cause Allergies?

There are a number of ingredients you should look out for when choosing a lash glue, especially if you have sensitive eyes & are prone to allergies, such as Latex and Carbon Black


Latex is a popular ingredient in many lash adhesives on the market because it has a stronghold on the lashes and doesn’t dry out quickly - sounds great, right? Well, the problem with it is that some people are in fact allergic to latex, which can lead to eye irritation after wearing false lashes with a latex glue. If you have a latex allergy, opt for a latex-free adhesive, such as the DUO Brush-on Adhesive Dark or the DUO Lash Glue Brush-on Adhesive Clear

DUO Brush-On Adhesive Dark 

The DUO Brush-on Adhesive in Dark is a high quality, latex-free lash adhesive that features an ultra-thin brush for a precise, easy application for all-day wear. The easy-to-use wand means that applications are fuss free, and there is minimal mess every time. It also contains added vitamins! 

Can I Wear False Lashes With Contact Lenses?Its latex-free formula is safe for contact lens wearers and sensitive eyes.


Carbon Black

Carbon black is a pigment used by manufacturers to make lash glue dark. However, just like latex, some people are super sensitive to this ingredient and should therefore opt for the carbon-free option (clear adhesive). 

DUO Quick Set Strip Lash Adhesive Clear 

Perfectly apply your falsies in half the time with the amazing, DUO quick-set adhesive clear in White/Clear! This water-resistant formula delivers a firm, long-lasting hold of your favourite lashes.

Can I Wear False Lashes With Contact Lenses?

This adhesive sets in seconds allowing for a flawless application and professional results. 

Shop our complete collection of eyelash adhesive here and for more information on the best adhesive for you, check out this blog. 

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Written by Kate, for Eni Lashes.
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