Are False Lashes Better Than Mascara?

Are False Lashes Better Than Mascara?

In short - yes, false lashes are better than mascara for a number of reasons, such as being less damaging to natural lashes, completely waterproof/smudge proof and long-lasting. But before we look a little deeper into the lashes vs mascara argument, we need to understand exactly what mascara is. 

What Is Mascara?

Mascara is a cosmetic product used to coat the lashes and make them appear darker and longer. The ingredients used to darken the lashes are typically carbon black or iron oxide pigment. Other ingredients that makeup the formula include polymer (to coat the lashes), a preservative, and thickening waxes or oils such as paraffin, petrolatum, caster oil and candelilla wax, just to name a few. 

False lashes are better than mascara because:

  1. They don’t damage your natural lashes
  2. They are waterproof and smudgeproof 
  3. They allow you to make a statement 
  4. They can last a long time 

1. They Don’t Damage Your Natural Lashes

The first major reason why false lashes are better than mascara is because they are better for the health of your natural lashes. This is due to the fact that falsies don’t coat your lashes in a layer of wax, allowing your lashes to remain strong with minimal damage. Mascara also provides a moist environment that can act as the ideal breeding ground for bacteria, making your lashes brittle and resulting in lash loss. This can also put you at risk for pink eye or conjunctivitis, especially if mascara isn’t properly removed at night. 

Falsies are also better for your skin as the removal process of mascara can be really irritating for your skin around the eyes, due to all the rigorous rubbing with a makeup remover wipe/pad/cloth. 

Luckily, you won’t experience these issues with false lashes. All you have to do is learn to properly apply your false eyelashes and then remove them when you’re finished. It’s as easy as that!


2. They Are Waterproof and Smudgeproof

Another reason why false lashes are better than mascara is because they won’t smudge if you cry or sweat, unlike mascara (even waterproof mascara). This is great if you’re heading to an event where you may get emotional and cry as you won’t have streaks down your face (not a cute look!). 

It is also common for mascara to flake off throughout the day, causing smudging under your eyes or worse, irritation inside your eyes. False lashes are a great alternative to this as they will stay good as new throughout the whole day, and can be reused over and over again (if well looked after). 


Are False Lashes Better Than Mascara?

Falsies are especially beneficial if you have sensitive eyes or wear contacts, as mascara is likely to irritate your eyes when flaking off throughout the day. 

3. They Allow You to Make a Statement

Mascara is great if you’re looking for a subtle, natural, day-to-day look, but false lashes allow you to create more of a dramatic statement look, and are especially popular for special events like weddings, photoshoots, and even drag queen shows to make the eyes pop on camera.

Some of our favourite bold lashes include our ‘boss’, ‘warrior’ and ‘confident’ styles. 

Boss False Eyelashes 

Our Boss cruelty-free mink lashes are bold, tapered and will have you slaying like the boss you are! Lash length 9mm to 16mm. 

Confident False Eyelashes 

These cruelty-free 3D mink lashes will have you slaying from all angles, giving you a layered lash look with a subtle curve. Show how confident you are every day with our light and full Confident false eyelashes. The perfect style to give you that bright, open-eyed look, captivating everyone with a glance.

Whatever your eye shape, the right pair of false lashes can instantly enhance your eyes to make them appear bigger and brighter, resulting in a more confident you. 

4. They Can Last a Long Time

Another great benefit of using falsies is that they can be safely used over and over again. In fact, all of our silky faux mink lashes can be reused up to 15 times (with the right care of course). 

Can You Wear Mascara With False Lashes?

Although it is down to personal preference, we wouldn’t recommend wearing mascara with false lashes as this could cause lash damage (especially to the more delicate styles). Mascara can also ruin the appearance of the false lashes, making the individual lashes clump together - not a good look!


Are False Lashes Better Than Mascara?

Instead, if you’re looking for a super dramatic look, we recommend opting for a bold lash style like those mentioned above (warrior, confident etc.).

For more top tips, check out our blog page or head over to our FAQ’s page to answer any questions you may have.

Eni Lashes is a luxury vegan false eyelashes and makeup brand with a focus on enhancing eyelashes and empowering people. We sell only cruelty-free and vegan products — because you don't have to be cruel to be kind. Check out our other blog posts and our FAQ page for more lash tips. 

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